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Do you shop at Costco? Is it affordable? Costco
Jacksonville, FL - il y a un an

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Yes, I shop at Costco. I love shopping there; I buy for the month. They have great prices on their items. I also purchase some items on line. It is coming up to Christmas and I will be there to pickup some or most of my decorations and food items. When you are there again, pick up some of their muffins, O my goodness, they are delicious and hugh.
il y a 10 mois
We’ve only been shopping here for a few months and it’s saved us so much money from the local woolies and coles (Aus grocery stores). We just need to make sure that we have a list and buy things that we can’t get cheaper some place else!
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For many years now!
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I do shop at Costco and I think it's very affordable!
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