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COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pad

COSRX One Step Moisture Up Pad


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I really liked that the pads are soft and very soaked in solution. The formula is very hydrating without feeling greasy. The exfoliators are very gentle and never irritate my skin. I love that the pads have a smooth side and an exfoliator side. Overall this is my favorite pads from Cosrx.
I’ve been using these pads for a few months,,, I just opened a new one today. the way my skin GLOWS because I’ve added these in to my routine! I wake up in the morning excited to use this product, that’s how good it is.
I keep these in my daily routine since my skin is dry and sensitive. Such a great toner to start the base on my face and it’s a product I’ll never get tired of. I will say it’s possible to overexfoliate so I recommend not rubbing too hard on your face! I always rub the pad on my neck and hands at the end if there’s still a ton of product left!
I noticed the the percentage of propolis extract in this is quite high (almost 80%).  Has anyone used this to treat acne breakouts or noticed good results in keeping breakouts from occurring?
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