What would you recommend, the Cosrx white head or black head serum? I wish they had one that does both but for now I’m not sure which to get...
Daytona Beach, FL - il y a un an

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Black head serum!!
il y a un mois
Definitely the black head serum. I bought it for my pre teen whose just entering those acne and blackhead years. She had some really bad blackheads on her nose since she wears a mask every day and this has really helped to keep them under control. She also had a little breakouts on her forehead that went away quickly when she started using this
il y a 9 mois
I would recommend the black head serum I love it!
il y a un an
Hello. I would recommend the cosrx bha blackhead serum. It will take care of many acne problems. It won't dry you out. The serum is very liquid like. Like water really. So don't be alarmed. I use 2 pumps for my whole face. Good luck
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