Continuum Games Knowbody Knows

by Continuum Games

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The Revealing Game of Wild Guesses! How many times did you laugh out loud last year?  How often does your friend shave her legs?  How much does your brother spend on hair gel?  Knowbody Knows!  Get to know new friends, or learn more about old friends than you ever wanted to.  The goal of the game is to score points by making wild guesses about the behavior of your friends and family.  The game starts by adding the name of twelve friends or family members to the Knowbody Knows list.  Next, one player draws a card that asks a crazy question, like how many times has ______ seen Star Wars?  Roll the die to determine whose name is used to fill in the blank.  Then all players make a guess as to the correct answer.  If your answer was the highest or lowest, you score zero p.


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