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Conditioner Unrefined Shea Butter - Lavender
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Conditioner Unrefined Shea Butter - Lavender


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FAVORITE SMELLING CONDITIONER!! immediate soft too the touch feel when applied. Smells like actual lavender, but I noticed after awhile my hair was frizzy again after using it for a month
The matching shampoo is not really to my liking, but nevertheless not bad.  Wish I could say the same about the conditioner.  The fact that it is marketed towards normal to very dry hair is so bizarre to me, for one thing, because the slip is basically nonexistent.  If I did not detangle my hair with my Tangle Teezer before washing it, I don't think I could get my Wet Brush through my hair at all once this conditioner has been applied.  I feel like so much more of my hair comes out with this stuff than when I use my Wet Brush with other conditioners.  I have wavy hair, but for someone with tightly curled hair, this conditioner would be a nightmare.Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of trying to use up stuff even if I hate it.  I have a huge 32 fl. oz. bottle of this conditioner, which, fortunately for me, I guess, goes at a much faster rate than the matching shampoo because I need to use a ton of it just to get enough moisture and some amount of slip in my hair, which can only really happen if I run a little water over it.  What a disaster.
This conditioner smells good. It comes in a ridiculously large 32 ounce bottle with a pump top. The conditioner left my hair feeling greasy and looking gross. It really did nothing to improve the condition of my hair and left my hair super greasy and dirty feeling. This is one of the worse conditioners I have ever used. I have thick hair and it made my hair super greasy and it was matted together. Their shampoo is also awful and does not work very well. I would avoid this product.

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