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Conair Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Rollers

Conair Instant Heat Jumbo and Super Jumbo Rollers


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I bought these on a wim. Was not sure what I would think of them but I ended up really liking them! The only thing is they take a while to put on but you get soft curls.
These are the best hot rollers! They left my hair with so much volume. They heat up fast and are super easy to put on. Keep them on for a couple minutes and remove. My hair do stayed for hours!!!
I enjoyed how affordable it is. Definitely does the job and since it’s my first hot rollers, I didn’t know what to expect. But I wish it kept the shape for longer.
Is this good for long fine hair?
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Hey! Unlike my profile photo, I just realized that my hair has grown enough that it's physically possible to put a curl in it (which I definitely need for an upcoming cosplay if nothing else). Thoughts on using soft foam rollers during sleep v. getting some inexpensive hot rollers next time I have the CVS 40% off coupon? My hair is baby-fine and chemically treated. And I am not a good sleeper, so comfort while sleeping is one issue with sleeping rollers vs. hot rollers. Would rather not get a curling iron at this stage.
I have really long (mid waist length) hair that is pretty fine. I am looking for a loose, loopy, curled look and am wondering if this would be the product for me. I find that a lot of curling irons, even the large barrel ones, leave me with a tighter curl than I am desiring. can anyone with similar hair attest to how these might work for what I want?
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