I have a 6 month old who refuses to take a bottle! Anyone had luck with this bottle? Any tips or tricks are appreciated!
Troy, OH - il y a 2 ans

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I absolutely loved the Como Tomo bottles for my twins. I transitioned them at 2 months and they took them right away. The nipples are so soft and the actual bottle is silicon so that part is soft. It’s the closets bottle I feel like to a moms breast. What makes them easy for those introducing the bottle is they have a wide mound with a naturally shaped nipple to prevent any confusion for the baby. I would suggest buying just one bottle and then go from there.
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This or the tommee tippee close to nature ones helped a lot! I have a few tips you can try! Number one is do not give the bottle when they are hungry. Sounds weird but that will just frustrate you both even more and lead to you just giving up... next try letting someone else feed them with the bottle, maybe dad. Don’t know if you are putting formula or breast milk but if formula mix in breast milk and put some breast milk on the tip of the nipple. If just breast milk still just put some milk at the tip of the nipple, something to entice baby. But once they do begin to suckle, remember to pace feed meaning let them drink and then stop and burp. Just to avoid gassyness but with a 6 month old if you don’t burp them it’s ok.
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