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3.04 / 5 based on 7,354 Reviews

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  • "They add bogus charges to your account and when you go through the immense pain of calling them to get it taken care of you can tell their customer service representatives knew it was wrong because they just cancel the charge." in 85 reviews
  • "They are the best cable service for quality in my opinion though because if its storming your signal doesn't get lost because its not a satelitte dish like most other cable companies." in 9 reviews
  • "They always say "let me see what promotions we have for you" and your bill never seems to be the same amount every month." in 8 reviews
  • "I'm was trying to get cable for my dorm, and every time I thought I was finally going to get someone to help me, they would hang up (I was hung up on twenty times that day)." in 7 reviews
  • "I so dislike this cable company there prices go up constantly,they have very horrible customer service." in 7 reviews
Kali G.
Vacaville, CA
4 reviews
Terrible. As far as the actual serice: Overrated, can become extremely expensive, spotty wifi, outtages can last much longer than anticipated. Our area had an outtage which lasted longer than what they said. It was over 24 hours and they would not give refunds, credits or prorate your bill for the inconvenience and was very rude about about it. When I first joined, they lied to me about about the promotional deal. Instead of $89/mo for 3 services (cable, wifi & home phone) in the end I'm paying $140/mo. I signed up directly on their website. Before signing up, I repeated asked the rep if the specific channels I wanted were included in the $89 deal. He swore up and down it was. In the end, it wasn't, he probably needed to meet a quota. I don't like being lied to. I went to the office to straighten everything out but COMCAST wouldn't take responsibility for the rep's actions because we "pay a contractor overseas to handle sign ups so we're not responsible for them". "We don't look at them as being a part of Comcast". Ha! What a joke! I really lost respect for them after that. Also, if you decide to speak to an agent, please note a majority of the time the customer service agent is overseas and sometimes it may be hard to understand them/vice versa. I've had issues trying to get my point across and it's frustrating. The response is like a broken record, don't be afraid to escalate and ask for a supervisor. Does anyone remember the viral story of Comcast rep who berated the guy who wanted to cancel his service? Poor guy had to endure 18 minutes of torture. Comcast just doesn't care.
Monique R.
10 reviews
Literally hate all cable companies! BUT where I live they have comcast and they don't allow direct tv or anything like that. The reasoning for the 2⭐️ Score is because the prices! I know they are trying to stay comparable with the other companies but $130 for any cable is just TDM! My cable we installed and the installer told me the outlet in my room was not hooked up right. So he ran the cable from my room to the living room tv and added a splitter. 😐 I called the rental office the next week and told them that I had to have to cable stretched across my doorway since the outlet in my room was never installed correctly. (Comcast dude told me the wiring was not in the wall) The apt. Maintence man came by and bam! Found the wire!! I called Comcast and they said "you didn't sign up for our inside wireless Maintence plan so it's $50 for our installer to come back out!" I tried to explain that it wasn't installed correctly in the first place since the installer said the cable wasn't in the wall! They wanted to hear no part of it and stand by the $50 fee to have him come back out! 😡😡 So the cable is across the doorway and I signed up for a 2 year contract! So needless to say I think the fee is ridiculous an unfair and the fact that the cable installer told me a problem existed when in reality it didn't exist.
The service has been pretty solid, the internet has been pretty solid but the customer service issue makes me not a fan.
Rachel R.
Bandon, OR
15 reviews
In my neck of the woods, so to speak, Comcast is one of the only services available and it has a reputation as the most reliable. I've had it about one year and have had no issues with dependability. That said, customer service was terrible when I initially was trying to set up service. I had to call many times with questions before I could get a straight answer about services. I was sent to the website, but I could not finish the setup online, the last part of the setup would always come to a message that I had to call customer service. I'm guessing that is because of where I live, but it can only be a guess, since customer service obviously doesn't know. I signed up for a package plan at a promotional rate which is supposed to last for three years, though I could not get any documentation to that fact. Nor could customer service tell me what it would cost to get the services individually, for example internet but no cable. What!?! I'm giving this company four stores because after getting through the initial setup, the technicians were efficient and easy to work with, and did some problem solving with the lines without needing to come back later or add charges. I also have had no technical problems after setup.
Ashley W.
Waukegan, IL
224 reviews
I tried AT&T for a couple years but didn't really like it, so switched to Comcast. I think the quality for internet and cable is much better, though going to a Comcast service center is a pain (the one nearest to me has HUGE lines, takes forever, and there's not really seating; people are always sitting on the floor), and sometimes dealing with their customer service sucks.

But I've had many good experiences when I had a problem, they fixed it, and there were times I couldn't pay the full amount of the bill right away and they worked out letting me make payments and keep my internet/cable on. I think that they're a little pricey but I like Comcast better than other providers. I have the cable/internet/home phone which was a pretty good deal.

One thing that really annoys me, though, is that with the newer boxes we got, it wants to update EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. So it prompts me to reset EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. If I select the "update later" option it only lasts so long, and automatically resets the box. I'm not sure why it has to update so much. Kinda annoying but not the end of the world.

Anyways, internet is really good. Fast. I don't usually have too many problems with cable or internet since switching to Comcast.
Rebecca S.
Hayward, CA
22 reviews
Overpriced monopoly I am forced to use due to lack of options for entertainment and internet providers. The service goes out CONSTANTLY. I do not get to deduct the many, many hours of NON-SERVICE caused by their outages, but they get to charge me extra if I miss my bill by a few hours on the due date now that I'm on a paperless billing system that they pressured me into. I would give anything to have a free market for internet providers! I am locked into the TV service just to keep my internet costs minimal, and now a phone I don't use (triple play) also to lower my bill in spite of how wasteful it is. THE NEW INTERNET MODEMS ALSO BROADCAST A FREE SIGNAL TO STRANGERS IN MY HOME'S VICINITY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, AND COMCAST DOES NOT INFORM ITS CUSTOMERS THAT THEY ARE PROVIDING FREE WIFI TO THE WORLD!!! I had to find this out through private research, and it is no simple task to turn off this free broadcast from my modem. WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY $150 A MONTH SO STRANGERS CAN MOOCH OFF MY INTERNET? WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR A PHONE I DON'T USE? WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY FOR SERVICE THAT IS DOWN AS MUCH AS 25% OF THE MONTH????? I seriously HATE Comcast with the passion of a thousand burning suns.
Samantha M.
Winchester, VA
63 reviews
I've had Comcast for internet abd TV for about 3 months and it's been an overall pleasant experience. The quality abd speeds of the Wi-Fi are great. I've only had maybe 2 or 3 instances of the Wi-Fi going out for a minute or 2. I have very basic cable. I only got cable because the Wi-Fi MBPS I wanted was cheaper in a package that included cable. I mostly use Netflix and Hulu for TV and movie watching, which does not lag at all with the Wi-Fi! I can't say much about about the channels, because I have have the very basic ones, but I am quite impressed with the On Demand selection. I do have a few issues with Comcast Xfinity, the hold times for customer services number are crazy long! I'm also being charged for a wifi modem every month that I've never used and sent back as soon as they sent it to me, because I decided to buy my own. I've called and told them this several times, yet it still keeps showing up on my bill. I also hate the way their billing is. Getting 2 bills a month is extremely confusing. But overall, the quality and pricing is great. As long as they take this extra $10 a Month charge for a modem off my bill, then I will continue to use Comcast, and recommend them!
Chelsi S.
59 reviews
The product is great, but I would simply not recommend if any other options are available because service is horrible. When I moved they were running a deal. My new home was not set up with for it so they set it up. I assumed it came with using the contract. Instead I was billed $500 for this. When I called to complain because no one ever told me this I was told someone should have and it would be turned over to a collection agency and my credit score would suffer. I decided to keep it even though I was frustrated for having to pay this much.
When I set it up originally I paid for the servicing plan so I didn't have to pay for service calls. I was having issues and they couldn't get it fixed for a month. On my next bill I had a $60 charge for servicing. They said it was because it was with the hardware and not the service! How was I supposed to know?! They said if I had brought it in I wouldn't have been charged. Once again... no one told me. The serviceman changed it while I was doing laundry. I had no idea they would charge for that when I was paying a fee so they wouldn't! Would NOT use comcast.
An S.
Naples, FL
69 reviews
I hate dealing with Comcast. Nothing ever goes smoothly. I could go on forever talking about the problems I have had with their service, and mostly with their customer service. Most recently they offered a 30-day free trial of their basic cable service, which we didn't have. We took them up on the offer, found that our TV antenna gave them a better picture, returned the equipment before the 30 days were up and were still charged for the month. When I called to complain, the person on the phone told us we didn't qualify for the free trial and if someone at their Xfinity store promised it, we have to go back there and "fight it out" with them. Unbelievable. Also, their Internet is supposed to be Blast but it doesn't function any better than a lesser Internet provider provided at our prior address, yet we have to pay a lot more for it. If there was some way to deal with anyone other than Comcast we would dump them in a NY minute! Unfortunately, we just moved to a new home and there is no other provider in this area. WE are stuck with Comcast! If I could rate them a 0 I would.
Raj F.
37 reviews
I have had Comcast for years now. I have to say that at one point they were monopolized the cable industry in my area so their level of customer service was horrible. Today with the implementation of Xfinity, they have gotten better with their customer service. Although it meets my expectation for service, there is one thing that is really becoming an issue with cable providers. The price for the service is skyrocketing. With all of the new technological changes and advancements, it does not surprise me that the cost of cable with comcast has risen to a point that in order to pay for cable and internet, you pretty much have to pay a car note. With all the services needed to make sure your cable stay functionable and all the equipment (and cost), you are paying well over $125 a month for a lot of stuff that we don't watch. That is what we are paying for cable for 3 tv's, on demand, and internet. But for a person that is home all day and does not specify what they would watch, then Comcast is definitely the way to go.
Pedersen J.
Fort Myers, FL
10 reviews
I have a love hate relationship with Comcast. Most recently their customer service has been great and they haveven been so helpful. I wish they would send something out letting you know your promotion will end on whatever date or have something like an expiration date on the bill itself so it's there as a reminder. I feel like I'm always calling for a charge increase explanation. Just last week I called to see why my "self service" $10 discount wasn't on the bill, the man was a little cocky & said we did our half but you didn't do your half by signing up for auto pay. Had I been told the last 3 times I called (they had to manually take the $10 off each time) I would have set it up. They lack communication between the supervisors & employees relaying correct info to customers & no thorough communication between the employee & customer to be sure this doesn't happen. In the end I lost the discount I feel I should have had because I did what I was told, I went paperless, nothing was mentioned about auto pay.
Beth L.
Feeding Hills, MA
137 reviews
Does anyone love Comcast? I mean really....
David V.
Fort Lauderdale, FL
17 reviews
Considering leaving Comcast. Alternatives are AT&T uverse, DirecTV and Dish... anyone had experience with switching to one of my options? better experience? pricing? thanks in advance
Himashi A.
Richmond, VA
98 reviews
Anyone actually have a good experience with comcast? The last time I can remember was back in 2007 when they would automatically change my bill at the end of my contract to continue the promotion for $29 for internet service.
Tracy A.
Lowell, In
61 reviews
How do you feel about their On Demand?
Veronica C.
Charlotte, NC
61 reviews
What's the best route to take in order to get the most number of channels while keeping your bill relatively low?

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