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Collagen+C Super Dietary Supplement Powder

Collagen+C Super Dietary Supplement Powder


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I’m so glad I got a chance to try this because I usually think these types of “supplements” are bogus. Not this one. It’s actually making a difference. I’m loving this Neocell Super Collagen powder. Mainly because, unlike similar powders (which I usually find a pain to use), it really is unflavored and the scoops are tiny, making it super easy. The ingredients seem legit. And, it works! On it’s own it does have a medicinal taste (though I hope you’re not planning on eating straight powder), but is easy to mix into any liquid unnoticed.
E comenzado a usar este producto no e tenido efectos secundarios, no tiene ningún tipo de sabor, me gusta ponerle a mis batidos diarios, lo único que eso si hay q tomarlo enseguida sino se pone como feo el batido y seguirlo probando a ver si lo compro de nuevo
I need a boost in my self care routine so I picked this up at my local cvs store and fell in love. I mix this with my water every morning and realized how fast my hair has been growing since I started drinking this collagen. I cut my hair in feb last year and did the big chop and I was still damaging it with heat so I decided to go natural and this has been not only keeping my hair long but also keeping it shiny and less dull.
Anyone have menstrual issues while using this collagen?
How you feel when you used after one month ?
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