Renata C.
Orlando, FL
5 reviews

Hi my newborn has been having cramps for a few days now.. o have tried other products that my friends have referred to me but nothing has worked. I've heard about this colic calm but still haven't tried and afraid of trying so many different product with him. Has used it? Did it work?

Destiny B.
Destiny B.
Germantown, MD
2 years, 2 months ago
My son is colic...has awful gas...the most sensitive tummy...formula issues we are still struggling with...and is just a mess! I have tried all kinds of products but this one I believe actually provides him relief! I do not like the color of it. Its tar black and will stain clothes! But I give mine a tad bit of water to rinse his mouth out in a bottle after. He is 3 months old !!!But after I give him the Colic Calm he seems to be at ease! I would go ahead and give it a try! Best of luck hun

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