I have been to cold stone so many times but I always get founders favorite. What else you you love and recommend??
Needles, CA - 5 years ago
Birthday cake remix or vanilla with butterfingers! Yum yum yum
S Plainfield, NJ - 5 years ago
Banana Caramel Crunch is my go-to flavor. Yum!
Englewood, CO - 5 years ago
Everyone always thinks ice cream for Coldstone, but I actually prefer their smoothies WAY more than the ice cream. They've got a strawberry lemonade one that I love to get in the summer.
Holland, MI - 5 years ago
Cheesecake ice cream with brownies, Oreos, graham cracker, and whipped cream!
Wilmington, DE - 5 years ago
I get chocolate ice cream and mix in 3 scoops of roasted almonds
Hawthorne, CA - 5 years ago