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This is a very delicious and flavorful pie. I find it hard to find a good pie but this one nailed it! A great flavor in every bite but not overwhelming.
I'm a big fan of a good coconut cream pie, but one of my favorite parts to bring it all together is a graham cracker crust. So I was disappointed when I bought this and it was a regular pie crust. I love Marie Callender pies, hot and fresh from the oven, but the crust is not very good cold with coconut cream. Give me this with a graham crust and it's 5 stars.
So good. I love to eat it when it’s still a little frozen. Really good quality. Crust is really good too. I love it. We’ve been buying this for years. Apple pie was a good one too.
Why are getting worse every year
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Your reviews are buulshit
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I've been so obsessed with Apple pie but I know I know there's many other pies that I can try. I have been looking for new pies to try from I've heard that this one taste great. I love the fact that some pies aren't too sweet and taste great with milk. Has anyone tried coconut pie with milk in a sense that the coconut pie gives a good balanced flavor with milk?
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