[product:coco-&-eve-sunny-honey-bali-bronzing-foam] so how is this product in terms or colour pay off? I’m very fair and terrified of looking orange, what level did you purchase?
Sault Sainte Marie - il y a 2 mois

2 answers

I literally iam obsessed with this it’s my absolute go to I have very pale skin so I never run out of this stuff you have to be fully exfoliated and make sure your skin is shaved and clean and dry before using
il y a 17 jours
I got the ultra dark this year. Last year I got the medium and I always ended up having to do a second layer. I also have fair skin. As far as coming out orange, this stuff is pretty easy to use. As long as you follow the golden rules of foam tanning like exfoliating before hand, using a mit, make sure it's evenly applied, moisturize those extra dry spots...you know those things it's pretty fail proof.
il y a 19 jours