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Question by Cristina G.
When you play the game Clue are you always the same character? If so, who & why? I always have to be Scarlett bc red is my favorite color.Clue Board Game
il y a 3 ans

7 answers

You do not always have to be the same character. Some people just prefer one character over another. I know my sister loves playing with Scarlett, I mostly just use whatever.
il y a 5 mois
No, never the same!
il y a un an
I always loved to be Scarlett too! Red was always my favorite color growing up so I always had to be Scarlett ☺️❤️
il y a 2 ans
When growing up I usually always wanted to be one of the girl ones just because I felt I had to okay a girl character now if I were to okay again or with my kids I’d probably pick whoever was the purple one lol
il y a 2 ans
I haven't played in forever, but yes... same 😁
il y a 3 ans