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clove + hallow

Clove + Hallow - Liquid...
6 Reviews
5 / 5
This concealer is lightweight and I would compare to the Nars radiant concealer for those who use conventional makeup. It covers nicely and stays on for a while. I personally use it to highlight under my under eyes!
4 / 5
This is pretty! Extremely creamy, almost has an oily texture to it. It’s lighter coverage but has good endurance.
3 / 5
This is ok I had high hopes but unfortunately this fell short for me. The colors are kind of off for me the fairest shade is a weird pink and the next shade is a weird too. I also felt like the product got used up abnormally fast like I’ve only used it like a dozen times and it’s basically gone.
5 / 5
Creamy, blendable, and doesn't cake. Really good coverage for a "natural" product, and it lasts almost the whole workday. It's not drying, but I have seen it get a bit patchy on rough acne scars (exfoliating solves this issue). I hope they come out with a wider color range soon!
4 / 5
This is the first concealer that does not dry out my under eyes. It smooths and provides just enough coverage. Also, it seems to be self setting, which I love! I use it to spot conceal as well. It is creamy in consistency but also rather light. I recently started experimenting with this as a way to smooth out my pores. It is very versatile! Only four stars because I notice it sometimes enhances my under eye creases/wrinkles. Might be my moisturizer/skincare combo, so I will continue to experiment. I am currently using shade 2 in this concealer, which is a perfect fit.
5 / 5
I originally bought this just because I wanted to switch to a more natural toxic free product. I didn’t have my hopes high because other natural products were complete fails but this is one is a winner! I am so impressed! I will say it’s more of a light coverage but it is buildable. I have loved it so far and plan to repurchase because I’m about to run out!