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It’s not as bad a regular bleach, but it does have a smell of bleach, but also soap. So it’s not that bad at all
il y a 7 mois
@madonyc How are you positive that it doesn’t disinfect? I’m asking because if there’s proof that it doesn’t work I want to stop using it for my home because I have 3 kids to protect.
il y a 9 mois
I mean I imagine that it’s VERRRY hard to get BLEACH to NOT smell like bleach. The bleach smell does kind of overpower the lavender scent but what more can you really expect when buying bleach? I would start to question it if it DIDNT smell like bleach at all.... just saying that I only expected a minimal amount of the lavender smell when buying this.
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Not much of a lavender scent. Just strong bleach smell with a hint of lavender. The bleach overpowers it.
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Smells like bleach and lavender... and smells like a fraud. This bleach varietal DOES NOT disinfect, but hey it still got those lavender top notes with a bleachy finish.
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