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Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask
Clear Start

Clear Start Blackhead Clearing Fizz Mask


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4 / 5
I do not understand the science behind this at all. But I do have a clogged up nose and chin- all the time. Even if I go to the spa and get extractions, half or more are back in a day. When they are looking especially bad and I feel like I want to extract a ton myself even though I know it’s bad I use this. It doesn’t make them clear out, but it does sort of even out your skin and make them a little less vivisble. Smells bad but feels neat. Would recommend if you suffer from congested and constant clogged pores.
5 / 5
This blackhead clearing facemask from clear start Dermalogica is a unique mask it has active fizzing formula effectively clears pores and helps target blackheads. Technology activates upon application helping to open pores decongest skin facilitate blackhead clearing! It also has sulfur which provides anti-microbial benefits to help keep skin clear Kaolin clay absorbs excess oil and purifies the skin! It’s easy and surprisingly fun to apply! It goes on a thick cleanser and as soon as you apply to your face turns into a heavy song. You start hearing fizzing sounds almost like pop rocks candy! Lol you can actually feel it cleaning your face while the foam and fizzing activates! Been using it for a month now and I love it! I also see the benefits of my pores being cleaner. No in all just a brighter complexion.  If you have issues with blackheads and big pores this is your product!!!
5 / 5
This is one of my favorite blackhead removers. I was recommended to use this by my dermatologist after I told her my concerns with my blackheads. I saw results the first time I used it. I recommend using it every other day until you notice the blackheads have dissolved. This is perfect for those “no makeup” days.


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After 5 mins, do you wipe with a cotton round and THEN rinse? Or do you just rinse with water right away?
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