Is this worth the hype? Or is it like any other bb or cc cream?
Fullerton, CA - il y a 2 ans

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I have combination skin..annoying pores but a dry chin area and under eye...soooooo maybe I will skip this buy for now hehe. Thank you!!
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It's definitely not like any BB cream or CC cream I've ever come across, and I use both western and Eastern bb/cc creams. Is it worth the hype? I think that depends on what your skin type is and what exactly you are looking for. If you have very oily skin or very dry skin, I don't think it will work well. It works well for everybody in the middle, like slightly oily, normal and slightly dry. The finish is natural, but it definitely looks like makeup. It can be very full coverage if you want to build it up. If you have flakes, it will stick to them. If I lost mine, I'm not sure if I would replace it because it's not the best foundation out there. It's good, but there are those that just work better for me personally because my skin is very dry. 
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