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I am very disappointed. I downloaded class pass and wanted to try the free trial. I couldn’t book my 1rebel class so had to pay full amount for the class. I have 20 credits and I can’t use them at all!! It keeps saying I need to upgrade to use the credits but my free trial hasn’t end yet and I did not get any free classes with the trail!! Very disappointed with the app is it useless!! Can’t use it unless you pay £30 upfront for the membership. Can’t use free trial or free credits and the credits get wiped after the trial ends. Useless not worth downloading unless you’re willing to pay.
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A great concept and a company I liked for many years, then the price gouging began. Then all of the technical glitches with their app/booking system also began... and, sadly, even when they admitted fault, they offered no real solution to rectify the situation or offer any make good.
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PERSONAL: Pros- 14 day free trial available before fully committing, great to see which classes/services are offered nearby, you can use your passes when you travel, perfect for trying a new activity or service before fully committing (doesn’t completely feel like a waste of $), passes roll over, nice referral program Cons: cancellation fees are high and still get charged during free trial, this may be specific to me but there aren’t too many businesses in my area that are signed up with classpass, depending on what you’re using it for it might be cheaper to pay for the membership/service directly through the business BUSINESS: my business offers services through class pass Pros: GREAT way to acquire new customers, you don’t have to do any marketing/promo for classpass, you don’t have to list all of your services/classes on classpass, it’s easy to manage in terms of setting your business rules/cancellation policies/ forms needed, if a client cancels you still get paid Cons: payout varies by business/price/service so you only receive like 50% of the true total cost, a lot of clients don’t feel the need to tip for services they receive on classpass, you do run the risk of getting one time only clients


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