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14 Questions
How do you feel about the Clarins skincare line? I'm really interested in trying it for fine lines! What are your favorite products?
Would you recommend this product or the Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask, and why?
Hey guys, have been using this night cream combo lately it has been going well great quality. Are there any others you recommend?
what other clarins products would you recommend using with these?
Wondering if this works I want to be able to not have to wear foundation and have tone color and firm skin on my face any body ever tried it ?
Does this make your skin feel greasy?
I've noticed that there are several versions of the day cream. Which one do you like, and why? Is there any reason why I should not select the one with SPF?
I'm thinking about switching the Clarins for a skincare regime. My questions about the day and night creams is, do you think it's necessary to use both? Would the day cream work well at night or vice versa?