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Chuda Sheer Hydrating Lotion...
7 Reviews
I love this brand so much. I have super dry skin and I love the thickness of their products and the fact they don’t feel super heavy on your face. This leaves me feeling very moisturized and smooth.
Love it. Use it everyday under my makeup. I do not break out using this (which I am prone to do) and I never feel greasy.
This is the absolute best skincare line I’ve been used and will never not have range on hand. I was skeptical to order the hydrating lotion spf at first as it is clearly pricey and spfs tend to irritate my skin (actually a lot of moisturizers do). This stuff is amazing. AMAZING. I love how silly it is without being too intense or greasy. It gives the perfect glow and is incredibly hydrating for an spf. It’s soothing, hydrating, gives the perfect finish, absorbs quick, never leaves a white cast, doesn’t irritate my skin (and let me tell you this girl is sensitive), and adds a nice little glow without looking too intense. It also is super nice over (yes over) makeup on the rare occasions when I do put on some (just blot it in with a beauty blender). And most importantly, this stuff is made of skin loving ingredients and doesn’t cause my skin to break out or my little spots of hormonal acne to get worse. I think it’s especially great for those of us who tend to have skin on the drier, more sensitive side. HG status for sure. Adore this and will continue to repurchase. Chuda you have my heart. [product:chuda-sheer-hydrating-lotion-broad-spectrum-spf-30]
So the premise of this product is it’s a priming moisturizer with sunscreen in it. There are not a lot of make up primers on the market with sunscreen in them. However I have tried that the ones that are out there. I really like this one it’s actually a good primer. However the only thing I can say that’s wrong with it is I can smell the sunscreen and it smells pretty strong in my opinion. I have allergies and for some reason it’s very fragrant sunscreen. I was lucky I received a bottle during a Influenster campaign somewhere else to try it. It’s A great primer with sunscreen.
This had an extremely lightweight feel and I was even able to use it under my tinted moisturizer which also has an SPF. It’s perfect for someone like me who spends her summers under the harsh california sun!
I am reviewing the Chuda moisture cream. This product does not yet exist on Influenster so I am giving my opinion incase someone is interested! I am in love with it. The reason I have love for this product is simple - it has so many uses. It doubles up as a moisturizer, makeup primer, eye cream, and a cuticle cream! On top of that, it smells amazing! The first noticeable thing about this is that after applying it to your skin it leaves a dewy, well hydrated feel. Some people are not a fan of this, especially those with oil skin, but if you have dry skin (or areas of dry skin, especially the eyes) this is the perfect cream to aid these problem areas! I always have always had dry skin under and around my eyes which make my dark circles look far worse. I also have dry patches of skin around my cheeks and jawline. In the past, no moisturizer or serum has been able to get rid of these issues entirely. After washing the products off they just seemed to return again and again. After using Chuda for just several days, I noticed that my skin problems had seemed to diminish. Now, my eyes are so much brighter, my dry skin has healed, and I notice that I have no fine lines and wrinkles for my makeup to set into after applying! When I do my foundation after applying this cream, it blends so much easier and makes my overall appearance look so much smoother than before!
Love how this is a moisturizer and sunscreen all in one. It does not feel greasy and heavy. Purchased this at Nordstrom online. I re bought this twice already. Great for ultra sensitive skin.