How much are these and what additional charges do you have to pay to watch?
Freeport, FL - il y a 2 ans

3 answers

Mine was £30 and I’ve never looked back - it’s such a bargain for that price 🤩 You don’t have to pay extra to watch on it - if you’re already signed up to Netflix or similar, you just connect your account and stream!🥰
il y a 5 mois
Got ours for about 30 bucks. No additional charges it allows for screen casting from media devices like phones. Anything that can screen cast, and stream any type of media can be used through chromecast
il y a un an
I have the 4K one and it was 69$ I believe. It’s basically a streaming device so it will stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Etc. But you have to already be subscribed to the streaming service still. Like Netflix and Hulu are paid streaming services, so you have to pay for those still but YouTube which is free, can be streamed for free. You use your smartphone or tablet and on whichever app you’re on you cast it to your TV.
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