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Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Cream
Christophe Robin

Christophe Robin Moisturizing Hair Cream


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I received this in a beauty box. I thought it was just okay. I prefer other products as they do a lot more. Didn’t find that it helped with frizz either
This product is “good” and I like it. However, I prefer my products to do a bit more, especially for the price. I have long, thick, wavy hair and I like to use this product when I air dry my hair. This is not my go-to product when I want to heat style my hair.
My hair was in DESPERATE need of help. It was a shedding frizzy disaster, and it was even falling out really badly. I could just hear my hair ripping as the comb slid through it, even when I used detangler. It was awful. My curls looked horrible and my split ends were out of control. For reference, I have mid-back length hair that is half natural, and the mid-lengths to the ends have been bleached, dyed, and colored more times than I can even count. The bottom half of my hair is currently bleached almost white. The top half is my natural brunette color. My hair is pretty curly/wavy. Back in October Allure had an offer to try their Beauty Box subscription out for a month for $10, so I decided to try it out. They also gave you $25 in free money to spend in their "members-only" store. Well, you bet I took advantage of that deal too and bought a set of absolutely incredible Christophe Robin hair care products: The Crème de Jour Au Bois de Santal, or Daily Hair Cream With Sandalwood, and the Brume Hydratante Instantanée À L' Aloe Vera, or Hydrating Leave-In Mist With Aloe Vera. I seriously don't know how I've gotten along this far in life without them! All I had to do was pay shipping, so I got an amazing deal, because both products are constantly sold out at his store online, as well as so are a number of other stores I've come to learn. The Daily Hair Cream normally costs $43 by itself, and the Aloe spray is usually $29.95, I paid $4.95 so I think I got a pretty good deal! From the first time that I opened this cream, I was in love. Just the scent alone had me hooked! It smells absolutely fantastic! It smells like a really good unisex cologne/perfume, or like a high-end salon and a bottle of cologne had a baby maybe, haha. It's hard to describe but it's a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Even my husband likes it, and he's the pickiest person in the universe when it comes to hair products, skincare, things like that. He complains that everything smells too "feminine". I really like the consistency of the cream too. It's thick, but not HEAVY. It's a yellow cream that you apply mainly from the mid-lengths to the ends of your hair, but can also be applied to your baby hairs if you'd like, I read. It doesn't get "crunchy" or "hard", and I typically just let my curls air dry. This plus the combination of the Aloe Mist has literally SAVED my hair! My hair isn't frizzy and messy any more. It's soft and shiny. My curls are defined and glossy. My split ends look SO much better! It's incredible the difference in my hair! It's like two different people or something. My hair is silky and my waves look more beautiful every time I use these products. My curls look great for days and I can always refresh them with this cream. It doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or hard, and it doesn't make my hair greasy any faster than it normally would be. It deeply moisturizes my hair, yet still manages to not feel heavy or like there's really much at all even on my hair. It has brought my hair back to life! It moisturizes my hair and keeps my curls hydrated for days, it's amazing. My hair isn't a giant frizz factory constantly, even with all the dry heat! What it is, is a daily, leave-in hair cream to repair split ends, help prevent breakage and deeply hydrate. Repair split ends, help prevent breakage and deeply hydrate all hair types with Daily Hair Cream With Sandalwood from Christophe Robin. This leave-in cream prevents hair from drying out, repairs split ends, and restores hair's body and shine. The non-greasy, non-sticky formula deeply nourishes without weighing down hair or altering color. Formulated with 97.6% natural oils, this moisturizing hair treatment is enriched with apricot kernel oil and extracts of sandalwood pulp to deeply hydrate hair. It also provides SPF 6 protection from the sun. Important Ingredients- Sandalwood Pulp Extract: Helps to strengthen and repair hair. Apricot Kernel Oil: Moisturizes hair without weighing it down. Key Benefits: Helps to repair split ends and breakage. Provides protection from the sun. Moisturizes hair without weighing it down. Free of parabens, silicones, oxidants, phthalates, mineral oils, and ammonia. This product is also vegan. For Haircare Concerns such as: Dryness and dehydration, frizzy hair. Fragrance Note: Woodsy. Hair Type: Coarse, Color-Treated, Curly, Dry or Damaged, Fine, Normal, and Oily. I really, really cannot stress enough how much this product has literally SAVED my hair. It turned it from a puffy, awful, frizzy mess, into a beautiful, soft, shiny, head of hair that I'm actually proud of. I absolutely recommend checking this out, and it's 10,000% something that I've already permanently incorporated into my haircare routine!
Is there anything out there that even compares to this? It has been out of stock for months so of course anyone who has it for sale has jacked up there prices. My hair is suffering.
Is it better to use this hair cream right after showering?
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