Does it taste similar to Frank's Red Hot, or is it better?
Sudbury, ON - il y a 5 ans

4 answers

I prefer Cholula Original Hot Sauce - 12 fl oz over any other brands I find in the store! Even great on 🍿
il y a 4 ans
It doesnt taste anything like franks. This is a spanish hot sauce so it tastes more like it has a smokey undertone.
il y a 4 ans
In my opinion, Frank's is the winner for a hot sauce to incorporate in cooking. While I really enjoy the flavor of Frank's on its own, I prefer Cholula when using as a condiment.
il y a 4 ans
It's a very different flavor you almost can't compare the two cause they have their own unique flavor. I enjoy cooking my hot wings using franks and Cholula on my breakfast burritos, meats, eggs. Cholula is made with Pequín and árbol peppers while franks is made with aged Cayanne peppers.
il y a 5 ans