So I know yoghurt is supposed to be good for digestion - but which brand is the best for probiotics?
Atlanta, GA - il y a 5 ans

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I loved activia brand, it never fails to treat my stomach issues
il y a 9 mois
I would recommend Chobani. It has a lot of live culture which is great for your immune system.
il y a 10 mois
I don't know a brand of yogurt that doesn't have probiotics! Whether or not the probiotics are still live when you ingest them would be worth checking into. You don't have to eat yogurt to get probiotics. You can take a good quality supplement like Garden of Life, which I highly recommend!
il y a 2 ans
Well, Chiobani is the one with the most probiotics of all the brands out there. This brand is so good that I personally use this even in my face as face mask and in my intimate parts for a great smell 👇 down there😁🙋🏽‍♀️
il y a 3 ans
Chobani, Fage, Stonyfield, siggi's are good
il y a 4 ans
Yoplait Original as well as Activia have a healthy variety of probiotics in them. Yoplait Original contains clinically proven probiotic cultures as well as calcium and vitamins A and D, according to the manufacturer.
il y a 4 ans