I've heard such great things about these "flip" snacks, are they filling? I was hoping to have these for an early morning breakfast or maybe lunch snack.
il y a 5 ans

3 answers

It’s a really good snack and also breakfast 🍳 I just completely love it !!
il y a un an
I think the flip snacks are more filling than the original Chobani yogurts. The flips have either granola or some other small snack on the side that you can mix into your yogurt. I think it’s a pretty satisfying snack. Not a meal, but a good snack.
il y a 2 ans
They aren’t super filling by themselves, but if you have them as part of your meal along with other foods it does feel good to eat! Also can at least help tide you over until you decide to have lunch.
il y a 2 ans