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Chantecaille Ultra Sun...
38 Reviews
I have loved using this one and it took over 6 months for me to finish this one. It’s lightweight and has an ingredient-based scent. I loved it and will rebuy soon and it gave great daily protection with the sun. Watery-type texture but sinks into the skin quickly and the finish is perfect in the skin. Leaves the skin so smooth but never pills with other skincare. Totes recommend if you want to splurge on something new!!
This product feels very moisturising on the skin and avoid applying too much as it will feel sticky and take longer to absorb. I have oily skin, and i do feel that this is a little too moisturising on the skin, however layering makeup over the product is great as it does not fight with makeup and does not look white
My favorite spf! Leaves no white cast and keeps my skin hydrated! It’s also a primer and leaves my makeup looking smooth and flawless on top!
Perfect skin moisturizer primer duo will definitely repurchase when I’m all out. This is worth the $, remember folks you get what you pay for!
I received a sample of this product before and it is absolutely fantastic as both a primer and SPF and incredibly gentle on the skin. Unfortunately I just couldn’t justify spending this much on a SPF for daily use as I go through sunscreen fairly quickly.
Another Chantecaille product, another frustratingly priced new love of mine. Sunscreen is a strange product to review — it’s not particularly exciting, but it is necessary. SPF reviews seem to range from I don’t like it, to it’s fine — so finding an SPF you can get excited about feels incredibly rare. Somewhat unfortunately, this is that product. The texture is unlike any SPF I’ve ever tried — it comes out incredibly liquidy & loose, but it has a very substantial consistency when you put it on your face. It feels moisturizing, sinks it beautifully into the skin and makes it really easy to ensure full coverage. It’s just a really lovely product that I actively enjoy putting on as my last step.
A RATING! love the way this feels on my skin. sensitive, reactive , redness prone skin. very subtle rose scent which is my favorite scent. great for layering. MAKE SURE YOU SHAKE BEFORE DISPENSING in order to get the right consistency - otherwise comes out too watery & quickly. little goes a long way after you realize this trick which i did not know before first use.
The sunscreen is odorless, a thin consistency, very smoothing and soothing, and blends into my skin so that it becomes invisible. The only area that tanned this summer are my arms, hands and legs/feet... because I wore this product every day on my face, neck and chest. This is an excellent high spf sunscreen that also moisturizes and provides a smooth base for foundation. I recommend the Chantecaille sunscreen.
I have oily skin, I think it’s a little oily for me. But works fine if I skip moisturizer and apply this right after toner and serum. Sometimes I use it as a primer. It takes some time to dry and give you the SPF protection film on your skin.
One of my favorite primers. It is hydrating and keeps my face smooth in order to apply my foundation. This primer stands out more to me because it has SPF which most primers do not have. I just love how it helps my foundation stay in place and makes me look dewy. You have to shake the tube first before you apply it in order to get the best consistency. My skin looks amazing with this primer. You can also use it with or without makeup. Love it!