I recently saw this at the store and thought about giving it a try however given the price i didn't want to buy, try and and hate it.. i have pretty sensibly skin when it comes to lotions with scent. does anyone who has tried this lotion have a bad reaction like itching or hives?
Haverhill, MA - il y a 6 ans

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Hi , myself I have very sensitive skin to any products. I break out in Hives and itching very easily. This product didn't have any bad affects on my hand and arms. I love the scent. It is a little bit less powerful than the perfume version. I would recommend going to nordstom and going the the Chanel Counter. There you can ask some one for a sample of it. They will most likely give you a little amount which will last a little which you can test the product out for free that way.
il y a 5 ans