Is this one better than the liquid soap? Does it get your skin a touch of dry after you wash it?? :)
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Its kinda like the liquid aside from obviously its a bar, but after i lather it in my hand the effects are the same. My skin didnt feel necessarily dry after, just pure. Like I have dry skin so my skin always feels a tiny bit dry after washing it, but this didnt dry my skin out noticeable
il y a 8 mois
I like this a lot better than the liquid personally. If doesnt leave me dry or stripped, but very clean. Better for the wallet and environment and it works great on both my dry and oily skin.
il y a 8 mois
I think it is better... I now use it daily, replaced my dove. No dry residual feeling, it actually seems more moisturizing than the liquid version, however, as a part of my regimen, I follow up with the moisturizing cream... my skin seems to thank me in the morning. Hope this helps!
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