CeraVe Face Wash, Hydrating...
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3 / 5
I’ve been using this for at least 2 years or so, it is my go to for when I just want to wash the whole day off and it works! Leaves my skin feeling refreshed and surprisingly very clean feel. You definitely want to double wash if you have a full face of makeup specially eyes because first wash will not do the job with my waterproof eye products 😅 but I always recommend doing double washed to really deep clean your skin, I do feel like I need a hydrating cream afterwards to bring back some hydration (in a good way) , a bit pricey for me personally but somewhat reasonable, I have an oily and combo kind of skin, some days I am on the dry side, some days I am on my oily sides, regardless of my skin this bad boy gets the job done ✅ I tend to switch to other products here and there so I tend to forget how good this is at points. It’s lightweight and fragrance free, almost little to no smell, definitely recommend :)