Does this really work for oily skin?
San Jose, CA - il y a 2 ans

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I have combination leaning oily skin and this is the best setting powder I have found. My make up will eventually break up around my nose and chin no matter what I use, but this powder helps delay that. I'm sure if I touched up over the day it could last longer, but that's not something I think to do.
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I also find it is good for oily skin! I am more combination, but I do find with some other powders that my makeup tends to crease and break up in my t-zone throughout the day. With this powder, I find my makeup lasts sooo much longer and even lasts through sweaty days at work! :)
il y a 2 ans
My skin is pretty oily/acne prone and this powder made my makeup last a noticeably longer amount of time. Rather than foundation looking splotchy and broken up, it just faded a bit by the end of the day.
il y a 2 ans