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Castor oil did nothing to my lashes. Later I enlarged my eyelashes thanks to the Careprost (same as Latisse), which is very cheap and easy to get just by googling 'Getlash247' ❤️. I’ve used Castor oil on my lashes. Lashes I didn’t notice a difference and it didn’t feel very good on my eyes (I tried to do a very careful, light application, but it still seeped into my eyes.)
works just ok to add moisture, however, when used in hopes of adding fullness to eyebrows it wasn't very effective.  I tried it for two months religiously by applying a thin coat of oil to both eyelashes and eyebrows, and aside from my eye area being more moisturize, it did not add hair to brows or lashes.
Honestly this is like any other castor oil. Castor oil really is a life saver for my short lashes and my once sparse brows. You can see a huge difference within a few days. It's really good for your hair since it contains a high concentration of vitamin e.
Does this product help your eyelashes to grow?
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Does this really help your eyebrows grow?
I've heard so much about this however I want full proof that it helps with hair growth?? An hair loss. I stress alot an my hair went from thick to thin an I need an want it back long an think again can anyone help me with my answer ???
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