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Casdon Little Helper Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner
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Casdon Little Helper Dyson Ball Vacuum Cleaner


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My 1 and 2 year old love this pretend vacuum. It’s supposed to pick up a little but I really don’t notice anything. Dyson need to make one that really works better to help mom and dad out while they play lol
I bought one of these during a stupid good sale on Amazon to give my 1 year old something to push around that wasn’t my furniture. My 3 year old wouldn’t stop stealing it and causing a ruckus so needless to say we now have two. When I ACTUALLY vacuum, they follow me around to help me clean
This little vacuum is adorable. And frankly the only realistic looking child's vacuum I could find. My son loved pushing the vacuum with us so we bought this for him. He loved it. It actually sucks up a tiny bit nothing worth talking about but just a cute little feature. I think it would be even better if it could perform even more realistic. We are a Montessori household and this is fun way to encourage independence. Definitely recommend
My pediatrician suggested getting this for our 18 month old now that she likes “helping” around the house. At what age did you get this for your little one? Would you recommend?
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