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Casbah CousCous Roasted...
5 Reviews
5 / 5
Obsessed! I make a copy cat version of the Mediterranean salad bowl from freshii and alwaaaays add a scope of this! So much flavour and packs a ton of protein!!
5 / 5
I recently started eating couscous and this new roasted garlic is a new fav. Not too overdone so the garlic is nice but not really strong if you know what I mean. Good quality couscous decent price and easy to find in stores great product great side dish
5 / 5
I love trying new foods and my latest is Couscous. So full of flavor. Just make my taste buds go crazy. I love this brand because it's fairly cheap and organic.
4 / 5
We love couscous at our house! It's such a great alternative to bread or rice and it's so tasty!
5 / 5
Great flavor. It's quick and easy to cook. Makes for a healthy meal too! I like to add a squirt of lemon to mine.