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Carvel LiL' Love Ice Cream Cake - 35 fl oz

Carvel LiL' Love Ice Cream Cake - 35 fl oz


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It's amazing I love it my kids love it. I actually hide it from my family during my time of the month lol I know I'm horrible
This is one of my fave cakes . I normally don’t like chocolate ice cream but this cake here yall I will f it up lmao . I love the crunchy stuff in between the vanilla and chocolate it’s so yummy and creamy and just hits the spot . I also love that you can find this cake pretty much at any store and it’s cheap and who doesn’t love this cake lol .
This is the only kind of birthday cake that I request!  I love the layer of crunchy cookie pieces in between the ice cream.  The icing is just the right amount/thickness and it's not too overbearing or too sweet with the ice cream.  It's nice how they package it on the cardboard so that it can slide out the box easily.  This cake looks to be on the smaller size but it's a good size for a few people to enjoy.

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