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CaribSea Flora Max Planted...
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5 / 5
We have three planted tanks and one sick tank and we use this in all of our tanks (it serves no benefits really for sick tank but already got it so used it in there to). We used this substrate with clay aquaponic balls and in one of our tanks it has both the substrate, clay and ada fertilizer starter set. All three of our tanks thrive. This substrate is suppose to have added nutrients to assist in optimal plant growth. It won't raise your pH and it is suppose to help convert fish waste into natural food for the plants. Our water parameters are always within normal limits. Our plants took time to begin growing but now that they are, they grow so fast. Plus it looks pretty and natural in your tank. We have black, red and black/red in our tanks and i love the look. If you are going to plop a fake plant and a silly pineapple in your tank, skip this cause you can get gravel to suit your needs cheaper. If you are doing a natural, planted look this is the best in my opinion