CAO Cosmetics Makeup Remover 30 Towellets

by cao cosmetics

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Makeup Remover Towellets 30 Cnt

Reclosable pouch


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Has anyone else tried Cao Cosmetics? I have the entire line and some are fantastic winners and others are difficult to work with. I do want to emphasize that the whole line was created for makeup artistry students and is designed to be used in a professional setting for photoshoots. I am not a professional and just a makeup enthusiast. I have had the most trouble with the cake foundation and concealer, but again, I am not a professional so I was never trained how to effectively use it. The eyeshadows are da bomb. They are very good and match the level of pigment and blend-ability of my Urban Decay palettes and are much better than all of my Morphe palettes. I would love to see the brand become more well known. I would also love for them to add to their eyeshadow line with more colors and to add shimmers.