Ive been thinking of purchasing a camera for personal use, nothing too expensive, but also of good quality, any suggestions for starter cameras?
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I have an SL2 and absolutely love it. You can use a variety of the other lenses (recently got myself the 75-300mm zoom lens, filters (I also got the Tiffen polarizing filter), and other gear. My favourite part though is the touch and flip LCD screen. So if I’m vlogging or taking a selfie/self portraits I can flip the screen to face the front of the camera. It also has Bluetooth and wifi connection to either send photos and videos to your phone or to take pictures from your phone too!
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I started with photography about 2 years ago. My dad got me the canon rebel t6 with a 18-55 mm lens. It was good for staring out and learning about the theory and for just fooling around with it. I basically do everything with it, I shoot portraits and landscapes and I also film short videos. I think the t6 is now discontinued but I think there is now the t7 version which may be better than the old one. The price is about $450 give or take. Here's a picture I got with it. Hope this helps:) I recommend you look up YouTube videos and read some reddit posts about cameras or lens you might be interested in buying. It really does depend in what you want to shoot (portraits, landscapes, sports, fashion, etc). Read into it so you buy what's best for you and don't waste money.
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