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Canada Dry

Canada Dry Diet Tonic Water
27 Reviews
Es.muy buena para preparar tragos y para tomar por sí sola, me gusta tomarla en ocasiones sola
First I need to start off by saying that this is not the diet tonic water that I use I use a generic diet tonic water that I get from my local grocery store. I’ve recently started to get really bad cramps in the middle of the night. Painful?? Yes!! It was suggested to me to take a couple of sips of tonic water before I went to bed in the evening. I haven’t had an issue since However please note that the tonic water I use has potassium in it. That makes all the difference in the world. I highly recommend for anyone that has the same issue
I love tonic water. I don’t usually mix it with anything but it is a good mixer. I recommend this product but most people don’t drink it buy itself. As a diet, it is sweeter than most tonic waters. I definitely would buy it again.[product:canada-dry-diet-tonic-water]
I love anything from Canada dry. The brand is amazing. Do you have the best beverages. Perfect for any sort of drink. Support Canada in their products.
El agua de Canada Dry diet es buena y lo que me gusta es que si tiene algún malestar de estómago ayuda mucho. The Canada Dry diet water is good and what I like is that if you have an upset stomach it helps a lot.
Es la única agua con gas que me gusta tomar bueno de hecho es la única que tomo si se trata de agua con gas me gusta mucho el sabor y la calidad del producto
Always have this on hand for drinks always it’s good can make a lot of drinks with just the one bottle , make them smaller so stay fresh with bubbles
I like this Tonic water so much although I still prefer the regular normal water I wouldn’t improve this product I would buy it again tho because it’s cheap
I am making a lot of mixed drinks at home lately since we're not going to the restaurants as often. I like to have a low calorie mixed drink and the diet tonic water is perfect to use. I also added to lemonade and fruit punch just to give it a little extra punch.
I'll also look calorie flavor of this sparkling water. It's tonic goes great with gin. There are no calories.