Have you found this to leave your hair extremely dry after taking down your twists?
Bethlehem - il y a un an

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My hair is always super soft and moisturized. I start on freshly washed and conditioned hair and then work in my favorite leave in before adding the twisting butter. My hair is always soft—no flakes.
il y a 6 mois
I’ve used this 3 times now and my hair is really dry.
il y a un an
Yes, ma’am. It leaves my hair dry and ashy looking. I really wanted to love this product because of how convenient it is to find and purchase. However, I have been constantly disappointed with this product. The only product that works for my very thick, medium length, 4C, natural hair all the time is qhemet biologics Amla & Olive Heavy Cream. Sadly, it is very expensive and I can only order it online.
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