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This cologne is just like the perfume version of it but this one is a little more lighter of a scent. Also the price on this is more cheaper so if you like the perfume version but do not want to waste much then go for this. It’s the same smell and it last around the same time.
Defy is deep and woody and is definitely a manly scent but it also has a clean brightness that makes for a very lovely scent. It only lasted a few hours on the skin so needs a top up during the day but it’s worth it for such a nice scent.
I received a Sample of this in the mail & gave it to my boyfriend. We both really enjoy it & I think I'm going to buy it for him after the holidays.
Is it good product or not ?
Is it good product or not ?
I Have heard that this smells similar to Savage Dior… is this true? Does the scent last long? Please describe the scent?
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