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Calico Critters

Calico Critters


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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this brand. Every single pack/house/accessory is adorable. My step daughter plays with these for hours and she’s seven. I selfishly keep buying them for her because I the entire collection for her and my future kids! It’s going to be a classic
This is super cute ice cream van . So many cute little ice cream cones and flavors makes it awesome . They look ready to eat type, i mean looks so real. There are so many details added to make it so real and fun to play . My kids enjoyed this toy a-lot .They left their iPad and controllers to play with this toy . Cute bunny shaped window makes the van so cool.Small bunny ears looks so good over ice-creams . The toy is pricey but my kids enjoy them a lot .
Me and my kids love their toys . They are super cute and super awesome . They add every details in toys . Tiny little stuff are made with full details and super cute . I love this brand

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