Cafe Britt Coffee, 12 oz Bags, 2 pk, Poas Volcanic Earth Whole Bean

by Cafe Britt

Is This Your Brand?


Misty ecosystems and fertile soil. Altitude and legend. The conditions that produce our Poas Volcanic Earth coffee have been nurtured over the millennia on the slopes of Costa Ricas most-visited active volcano. This is the choice of connoisseurs. The changeable, volcanic climate produces a complex coffee with surprising taste subtleties. Roasted dark, our Poas has an enticing aroma and sweetness when hot. As it cools, hints of earth and lemon emerge. Each sip produces the same exhilaration as a lucky glimpse of the volcanos deep-blue crater lake. The aroma arouses your senses even before the cup touches your lips. Your journey has begun to the edge of Costa Ricas active Poas Volcano. Natures volatility which played a key role in creating this lushly fertile landscape -also helped give birth to the exceptional coffee of this Central Highlands region. While steam rises from your cup, reminiscent of the active crater, pay homage to the smoking mountain that for millennia has spilled precious minerals into the surrounding land creating extraordinarily fruitful soil. Your palate is not dreaming. A touch of the smoky, volcanic soil has imparted its flavor into the coffee beans and is deliciously juxtaposed alongside fruity flavors and a bit of bright lime. Unlike the unpredictable mountain climate that produces these select beans, the Caf? Britt Poas Volcanic Earth will consistently provide a complex, aromatic cup.


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