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C9 Champion C9 Core Fitness Ball - AB - Basic - 65cm w/H. Pump - Blue
C9 by Champion

C9 Champion C9 Core Fitness Ball - AB - Basic - 65cm w/H. Pump - Blue


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I really like this training ball. I do not have to worry that it will move on me while I am doing my exercises – there is a very stable base with anti-slip material on the bottom. The quality is great. I love the yoga straps that come with it. You can do so many different exercises with it so you will not get bored. It comes with a guide to some good workouts. It was easy to inflate. It is lightweight. I really think I made a good decision to get this product.
Durable (I can say the with a 3 and 7 yr olds who love to play with the ball) and absolutely gets it job done. There are so many different exercises you can do on it. It is affordable, will last forever, and you can do a multitude of exercises using it In a few different ways.
I don’t think this is the exact exercise ball I have... but it looks the same. I’m going to review anyway for the sole purpose of pregnancy and needing to bounce on a ball! So with my first baby I think I bounced on mine every day for the last few weeks and it contributed towards my son being so low down quickly and such a quick and easy birth. I hope this one is the same.

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