I’ve always used similac my 9 month old was issued spit up at hospital after being in icu for a week I’m a repetitive person so trying new things on my babies always has me iffy? He’s primarily breastfed but does take a bottle every now and then How has this worked for your LO?
San Antonio, TX - il y a 3 mois

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I have used the same for my first baby and now my second but he was exclusively breastfed til 9 months. He absolutely loved this formula and had no issues transitioning. I was actually able to wean him and switch entirely to this with no issue
il y a 2 mois
It’s worked fine for my 7 month old who is mostly breastfed as well, I think my baby is more use to the enfamil but he didn’t have any real problems with the burts bees
il y a 3 mois
Well I think all the kids are different but it has worked very well for me.
il y a 3 mois