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Bumbo Infant Floor Seat - Blue

Bumbo Infant Floor Seat - Blue


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Keep in mind the seat says it’s for 3-12 month babies. Sit them down when they’re getting ready to sit down on their own. Also everyone must know to not keep them in there the whole day. Safety first and babies are very fragile. This seat is really good for babies learning to sit. My 3 month old is already showing signs. The seat is at an ok price but it lasts a long time. I used it for my son and now for my new baby. It doesn’t budge from the floor.
This seat was great. For helping sit up and for feeding. I loved it!! Definately reccomend to anyone with a baby!!
I purchased this for my son and I enjoy the seat. I wish it had suction on the bottom to stick to the floor though. Once baby has some strength it isn’t that safe
bumbo-floor-seat Want to get this for my 4 month old son. Tried other things and such as a boppy. He has a tendency to lean forward a lot. Will this help keep him upright and not fall out?
Bumbo Infant Floor Seat - Blue — What do my fellow #parents think of these seats? They weren’t around when I had my older kids so ive never used one? Is the baby secure sitting in it?
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