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Bumbo Floor Seat


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Pros: easy to clean, lightweight, minimalistic appearance. Some models come with a snack tray. Cons: These are not recommended by physical therapists as they aren’t great for hip development. Not great for chunky thighs. Ultimately, it’s up to parents. But there are better alternatives to Bumbo.
We love Bumbo! It's lightweight, stable and safe! We can use it for feeding, playtime or just relaxing with no worries. Our Daughter finds it comfy and she's learned to use her own back while using this product to support herself and build her back to where she can sit up on her own!!
My child loves her Bumbo floor seat. She always sits in it & did you know it helps with them to learn to sit up on their own? I didn’t until after I got it and had been using it for awhile and then my daughter started to sit up on her own. I would highly recommend the Bumbo to anyone especially parents!!
En verdad es útil este bumbo? O será un artículo innecesario lo ocuparía para beba de 8 meses?
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What's the best floor seat for a baby starting to learn to sit on her own? I know the Bumbo Floor Seat is a really popular item but I wanted to see if there were alternatives to compare to.
Estoy pensando comprarlo quisiera recomendaciones
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