Any good for curls?
Tifton, GA - 2 years ago

2 answers

It depends on your hair if you ask me. My hair is fine and curl type 3a & 3b, I had two bottles sample of this stuff, day one once my hair dried, eww, my hair did have a lot of volume but extremely frizzy, day 2, same thing, volume, tons of frizz. I feel like this product is for people that have controlled thick curls and want them to look natural but controlled. I will not purchase this.
a year ago
My hair is an odd combination texture; it has curls at the top and in the front, but goes straight in the back (thanks, mom and dad). That is to say, that while it works for me and I would recommend anyone give it a try, I can't speak to how it works for more tightly coiled hair textures. Sephora frequently offers these as sample options when you order online, and if you have a store near you I'd recommend going in and asking for a free sample so you can try it without the commitment! For the curls I do have, it makes them more manageable and cuts down on frizz without weighing them down.
a year ago