Bulleit Bourbon

Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength 0.375L GLS US

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4.55 / 5 star rating
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51 reviews


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5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
Bulleit bourbon has been my go to whiskey for the past 20 years. This is the first time I've seen the barrel strength option. It's a little more expensive, but the price is definitely worth it.
3.00 / 5 star rating
3 / 5
I am not a fan of either bourbon or whiskey. I purchased Bullet Bourbon Frontier Whiskey Kentucky Straight Whiskey to make Jon Taffer's Bourbon Boar which I saw on Bar Rescue. The bourbon is an inexpensive high-quality bourbon. If you enjoy drinking bourbon then I recommend giving Bullet Bourbon a taste. #happyhour #influenstereats
5.00 / 5 star rating
5 / 5
Smooth, flavorful and doesn’t break the bank! Great for mixing if you just, but a solid bourbon all on its own. Dig the retro style bottle and label as well. Just a good, straight up bourbon that has one job and does it well! 🥃


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Fred S.
The best way to get through endless Monday meetings? (Kidding!! But the answer is “Yes”) 😜 Bulleit Bourbon Barrel Strength 0.375L GLS US
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