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Bugles(r) Hot Buffalo Flavor...
5 Reviews
5 / 5
I bought these from Family Dollar o em gee they are HOT! I love them. Nothing to improve on this flavor, Bugles hit the nail on the head. I will definitely tell my friend to try these out she likes spicy food!
3 / 5
Good but found these to be a little too spicy. I do like that they have a variety of flavors now! I bought mine at the dollar store.
5 / 5
Hot twist on a salty classic! I can eat these as is or dip them in some hidden valley ranch!
5 / 5
Man these are tasty AF. I have literally eaten an entire ‘sharing’ bag to myself in one sitting and felt gross after - that tasty goodness doesn’t come without the calories to match.
5 / 5
It's the right time for chips nails with a hot spicy speed .. like eating your chipsy nails .. So yummy and tasty and spicy in the same time ..